How to Build Your Own Studio Cyclorama

If you work in fashion or commercial projects, you probably have used or seen a cyclorama before. If you've looked into getting one professionally built for your own space, you know a cyclorama can cost several thousand dollars and doesn't always fit in everyone's budget. If you have decided to build your own, here's some great information to help you start. 

The people over at Syrp recently shared how they built their cyclorama on a smaller budget than you would typically find. The team has put together this video and an accompanying article with the details. While both of these mostly highlight the overall project scope, they have packaged together a free downloadable PDF with more information. 

One thing that is key for a cyclorama is the paint you use. You do not want to just any kind of paint. You want to get flat paint, as any shine or reflectiveness will kill the illusion of the space being an endless void. Also, keep extra paint on hand, as it will get messy after several uses and will need to be repainted regularly depending on how often it is used. 

If you have built your own cyclorama before, do you have any tips to share? What paint do you recommend to use that holds up the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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