Incredible Set Design In A Small Studio Space

Incredible Set Design In A Small Studio Space

Artist JeeYoung Lee will be presenting an amazing body of work titled "Stage Of Mind" which features intricate and visually stunning sets all created in the same 3.6m x 4.1m x 2.4m studio space.  Completely Photoshop free these sets took weeks and months to create. You won't believe the scale of complexity JeeYoung Lee was able to achieve from her confined studio space in Seoul Korea.

JeeYoung Lee drew her inspiration from personal life experiences as well as traditional Korean folklore. The artist embarks on a tedious and long journey to transform her small studio space into what seems like a vast environment that engulfs your senses and draws you in. There is a fantastic level of detail in each of her drastically different creations and a deeper sense of psychological reflection. Once each set is complete the artist creates self portraits within each world as part of a project entitled "Stage Of Mind" that will be featured on display in Opio, France at the OPIOM Gallery from Feb. 7th to Mar. 7th 2014.

As photographers many of us struggle with set design and we often look at the images of professionals in our industry as out of reach. We often think that these sets require massive teams, huge budgets and studios the size of football fields. JeeYoung Lee shows us that a little bit of creativity and ingenuity can have some stunning results and I think we can all draw a little bit of inspiration from her work.

Set Design 10


Set Design 9


Set Design 8


Set Design 7


Set Design 6


Set Design 5


Set Design 4


Set Design 3


Set Design 2


Set Design 1

[Via OPIOM Gallery]

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David Vaughn's picture

This post makes me feel bad about a...good way. Awesome photos and creativity.

I'm glad surrealist photographers who are trying new methods are making waves as alongside the beautiful-young-person-naked-curled-up-in-the-woods photos that have become incredibly popular in the past few years (and to be honest, they're becoming kind of boring). Variety is the spice of life!

Brad Kearns's picture

"beautiful-young-person-naked-curled-up-in-the-woods photos that have become incredibly popular"

Yeah whats up with that? So hip...

jniz22's picture

Agreed. My photos were recently compared to an others ( I'm not entirely sure why); they argued that she was "better" because her work is "more European". This of course was not accompanied by citations of any european or American work, but form what i see, this apparently means selfies of shoes, tons of filters, and people looking sad.

Anyways these sets are elaborate and impressive! BTS would be cool!

Stephen Clampitt's picture

This is Fantastic Ms Lee! Thank you for posting. Can't wait to see more of your work on display!

christian lacasse's picture

Amazing! we need more of that kind of craftsmanship in a Photoshop world. Don't get me wrong I love both ;-)

guismo37's picture

Don't come and tell me making all this wasn't expensive! All those materials and paint and stuff! Come on! Her work is just so awesome but don't say it was cheap achieving it, at least just give me the excuse of money for not doing it myself u_u

Andrew Chavis's picture

A true artist and I love each one for different reasons. Truly someone who understands color.