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NASA Creates Unintentional Art While Testing Space Suits

NASA Creates Unintentional Art While Testing Space Suits

In the days before computer modeling, testing, and digital everything else, NASA had to come up with some pretty clever solutions to test and record results for their multitude of space programs. Using long exposures and creative light setups, they were able to record the results of their testing on their most technologically advanced space suits. And the result?

A somewhat eerie, yet beautifully artistic series of photographs that depict space suits being bent and contorted every which way. Where can I order huge prints of these for my apartment? I'd buy a couple in a heartbeat.

These are all from the San Diego Air and Space Museum's flickr stream, which is an incredible comprehensive library of images all things space and aviation related. Thousands upon thousands of images are cataloged from the early 1900s to the present day. If you're bored at work, looking for a productivity killer, or just fascinated by historically significant photos, they've got you covered.

And yep, you saw correctly - that's a golf club being swung! You know, for science!

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Adam Cross's picture

@Mike Kelley - there are no known copyrights attached to these images so you could always find the highest res images and print your own =)

I would totally buy some too!

Jason Myers's picture

Someone or some entity owns the copyright I'm sure. Bad form suggesting someone snag and print any image Adam =) 

George Socka's picture

nasa images are free to use if paid for out of US Govt funds, implyiong that you the US taxpayer already own them. No recognizable likenesses here. I just baught some footage from footagefirm with the NASA righst waiver attached. And it seem sthat there are no restruictions on Canadians using them either.As opposed to our own Canadian Govt which wants an arm and a leg for useage.

In the stream it's on page 12 in case anyone else was wondering...