The Outer Child: Portraits That Make Adults Look Like Their Inner Child

The Outer Child: Portraits That Make Adults Look Like Their Inner Child

Inside of you, lies a child, still playful and inquisitive. At least, we hope it does to a certain extent! What if that child came back to life for a second? What if your current form suddenly reflected it? That is exactly what photographer Quentin Curtat did in this concept. 

In collaboration with retoucher, Cristian Girotto, who also had the original idea in mind, made a series with these theme in mind. The results are quite peculiar and fascinating at the same time.

L' Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) takes into analysis this possibility, showing us a world of men in the shape of children, as if the body could slip on the ugliness of life, less expected to imagine big fawn's eyes winking in the night clubs or little chubby hands shaking in the offices”

Through the wonderful post production and planning with the team, these results were possible. You can see more in the full gallery here.



[Via Christian Girotto]

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Nick Fancher's picture

Weird. Really compelling and well done. But weird.

Smith's picture

That's true, weird, but god job ... <strong><a href="" rel="nofollow">Photographers in NJ</a></strong>

These remind me of the characterture drawings. 

Sarobar Kasaju's picture

These are amazing

Douglas Sonders's picture

so well done

Awesome work! Very "cute" in a way.

Sander van der Veen's picture

Not very original at all.., Paul Ripke did this a year ago

Mark Salmon's picture

Is anyone/anything 'original' nowadays? 

mfmg's picture

These are nothing like what Ripke did. Cristian takes that basic idea to another level. Even if he was inspired by Ripke, I think he did an awesome job. This is pretty amazing work.

How can u compare? Ripke just switched parents heads with kids heads.....?  

David Woollatt's picture

Really like these, great work :)

Bazo's picture

Amazing, I would like to see how he done this :)

Domagoj Kunic's picture

these are hilarious! nice work...

hahahaha awesome!!!! 

JOHN PARISI's picture

Great work...why is there always someone who is miserable in the posts? I was glad to see the other work which is quite different but it does not take away from this. I hope SVDV is an incredibly talented least then he probably isn.t.  Never  mind

Sander van der Veen's picture

Not the point, I was just stating that the retoucher's idea isn't that original.
Images look nice, not judging on that... 

Carry on..

JLI's picture

These aren't the same as what Paul Ripke did; they are better, with more attention paid to the little details that make them so compelling, specifically, the face that each face has baby fine peach fuzz and in the ones where teeth are showing, they are distinctly child-like. I think these are very well done!

@facebook-1410190640:disqus Do you really think that was Pauls idea? :-)

lg Calvin

Leon Klein's picture

Amazing! great work. Are there any tutorials on how to achieve these effect?

Eric Filson's picture


Russell S. Mendenhall's picture

Awesome concept and really good lighting. 

Absolutely awesome. The gestures are spot on!

Anybody ever get a caricature done at the Seaside Heights boardwalk?
Ten years from now, they will make images similar to these!

Céline Antoinette Broussard's picture

These are crazy amazing! Reminds me of an artist I studied in History of Photography. They photographed children and by manipulating the photo they made the children's heads look huge and creepy!

Agamemnon's picture

Duamne ce uameni urati

Hugo Faria's picture

they look like hobbits ;) lol

Kim Pedersen's picture

I have seen a tutorial on the photoshop work for this pictures, but now I can't find it. Can anyone help ??

phcphcphcphc's picture

Cool. When will the movie be out ?