Photographing The Power Of Music

A few months ago we featured a popular video called Wisdom shot by Andrew Zuckerman. If you have not been exposed to Andrew's work, he is known for shooting all sorts of subjects against a white background. In his latest project Music, Andrew sets out to capture the essence of a variety of musicians as he asks them questions about their craft. Most of the lighting in these portraits is pretty straight up and clean but what makes this collection so interesting is Zuckerman's idea of striping alway all the auxiliary settings and environments usually associated with rockstars and popular figures. His portraits allow you to see his subjects raw and unedited. These series definitely have me thinking of pushing my own photography and creating larger scale projects like Music and Wisdom.

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love this type of interaction during the shoot....

That's really how to make a connection with the person you are aiming at. I can get a lot out of this video.

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I think that is kind of the point though. Most of these rock stars have thousands of photos of them showing emotion on stage and in crazy cover shoots. What Andrew did here was strip them of most of that.

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I didn't mean crazy faces or dunamic action... I am a big fan of quiet images with simple light set up, and I think it's not appreciated enough these days. I'm just not having any reaction to this particular series. Plus, I feel a bit cheated - he allures his subjects and viewers with a promise of showing us the essence of Music, or Wisdom... and, in my opinion, doesn't deliver. The video itself is much more interesting than the final product.

Inspiring. I love it.

This is the type of thing that inspires me.

I've often thought about something like this, and I wonder how the logistics of something like this actually works. How do you present any project connected with "celebrity" to your potential subjects.

Are these artists volunteers for this project? Are they compensated in some way for their time and participation?

Especially being a photographer with little notoriety, is something like this even feasable to get past management and try to make a connection with such artists?...

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These are all good questions and I am going to set out to find out :) I have an idea how it can be done

White backgrounds are so 2010 hahaha

I love the interactions and the video and music work well...but...why go through all this trouble to get access to, say, Kid Rock's garage and then they take that away by making it look like a regular studio shot...not a lot of room for creativity.

That is really cool. I wish he had made this into a full-fledged documentary.