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[Photos] Cristina Otero Gets Creative With Her Self Portraits

Photographer and Artist Cristina Otero has taken the creativity of her self portraits much further than most others I have seen. In this post I am just featuring some of the awesome self-portraits that she has done with fruit but there is way more on her site, so make sure to swing by after checking out the photos posted below.

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Dale Antony Richards's picture

I follow her on DeviantArt, these were all shot with a Canon 1000d.

Paul Wilson's picture

meh, I dont like the PP on the eyes or the skin tones. Also the fruit has lost all vibrancy. Im on a u2711 which is more than well calibrated so I can only imagine how dull these images might seem on a lesser screen. Also, I dont like the every so slight shallowness to these images. I'd prefer a much more open ended f/stop, with focus on the fruit elements and not just the over worked eye.

Carbon 43's picture

Sounds like sour grapes to me Paul. (see what I did there?) I love these shots, and the fruit colors look fine to me. Maybe you'd be better served getting off your highfalutin monitor and getting out to enjoy a little sun. 

By the way, your Facebook photos are horrendous. Glass houses and all that jazz.

Robert Simpson's picture

I thought Paul's comments had merit from a technical standpoint. I'm sure his comments weren't emotional nor intended to poh-poh the shots, and he's perfectly entitled to voice his own opinions... let's not go there with the personal jabs, please, we're all better than that here.

 Dave also has the right to voice his opinion and when some starts off their comment with "meh" it sure as hell sounds like Paul is poo pooing Christina's work. I for one could careless if Paul prefers images with a greater DOF or fruit with more vibrancy. If you are going to take on the role as the PC police on this thread you might want to lead by example by shuting up. Who are you to tell David what to do. Have a nice day. Oh, yeah I nearly forgot, I think that the work that Christina did here was very good.

Casey's picture

Hey Glenn, Robert has the right to voice his opinion about David about Paul. If you're going to take on the role as PC police you might want to lead by example by shutting up. Who are you to tell Robert what to do. 

Casey, you have completely missed my point and the irony of my response and the hypocrisy of Robert telling David what is the appropriate way to address his comments.

Bogdan Radu's picture

Hello Glenn, Casey has the right to voice his opinion about your comment referring to Robert"s comment about David's comment  who was referring to Paul's comment about Cristina" shots.

 Finally, someone who actually sees the humor in this. For the record I never told Casey anything about expressing his opinion.

I like these very creative! Regardless of the technical flaws. Sometimes you have to look past that geeky stuff we all get caught up in.
Maybe it's because I'm viewing this on a lesser screen though. lol.

Kristin L Caffray's picture

I love the PP on the eyes. The rest...meh. The starfruit one is a little much for me. But I love all the eyes.

The lack of being totally technically correct does not take away from the art of the photo. There is a difference between the science and the art.

Middleton Joshua Wolver-Dx's picture

Great work wouldn't change a thing for anybody , i love to see work like yours then compare it to the people who critic others work .

good stuff PP was spot on

tim gallo's picture

wtf is technically correct that everyone talking about?

Robert Simpson's picture

The 'lemon' shot scares the crap out of my, but I find the *look* in the 'grape' shot intriguing! Very unique work, love it.

Tim, look for the 2nd comment by Paul Wilson, who spoke openly to the technical merits of the shoot - all valid points, not 'negative' as such, and he didn't comment to detract from the pictures artistic qualities.

mfmg's picture

I think these are VERY creative. May I remind some of the dislikers that these are self portraits. I wonder if she is also doing her own make-up. I like these photos they are very interesting. I would not criticize an image viewed online over it's color. Save that for the prints. Sometimes, people have a personal preference on the "feel" of an image. That can show in it's color tone. (think Matrix) If you were viewing a print it would be much easier to criticize the color/etc. I wonder if sometimes people post things to make themselves sound the expert. Sometimes we just need to appreciate someone with style.

tim gallo's picture

at least 3 person mentioned being "technically correct" and they did it by looking at a bad and small resolution jpg :). i am pretty much sure photo`s are not so "crisp" or "bright" cause it`s... for online purposes? :) 
it`s just if a photographer has a goal in his work, a vision and knows the camera enough (at least for the pictures shown here) - is there any sense of talking about the picture`s f. correctness. (mmm, i wonder what f. i am talking about). 
it`s so much better to talk about her concept, or how it`s not original comparing to what happens in fine art photography world right now, or how this post demonstrates absolute lack of taste :) (sometimes i feel that people know about photography only via internet :), any credit to christie's and sotheby's? or paris photo maybe? ^_^ how many amazing self-portrait photographers were shown there that deserves much more attention than the "fruits" above)

Shannon Wimberly's picture


Justin Gill Photo's picture

The CONCEPT is there, but the execution leaves a little to be desired.

I especially take issue with the shallow DOF, and the skin tones.  I thought fruit was supposed to represent life and vitality;  why are the skin tones so sickly looking??

maybe is supposed to almost be a ying and yang type of deal? with the fruit and eyes being life and vitality and the skin representing the more cold harshness of deaths embrace just my take. But i love the look and feel the concept is brilliant and love the makeup and fruit combos very well done.  these could make very interesting gallery series prints. 

matt taylor's picture

Love the creativity in these.. Isn't the point that these are pretty great even with "crappy" equiptment.