[Photos] Time Magazine Knows How to Get Your Attention

[Photos] Time Magazine Knows How to Get Your Attention

Photographer Martin Schoeller recently shot this TIME Magazine cover on an extended method of motherhood. The featured cover shows an image of a young mom and her son, still breastfeeding at age 3. While there is no right or wrong time to stop breastfeeding, these images have stirred up quite the controversy on just that. This extended breastfeeding philosophy has been on the rise for the past two decades. There have been so many things said in regards to this issue and below are some quotes on the topic. What are your thoughts?

“I think that breastfeeding should be normalized in America. It’s normal everywhere else.”

“When this child’s classmates see this, they’re going to go out there and harass the kid.”

“I believe it’s the way that God intended our bodies to be, but it’s a personal thing. It’s not a spectator sport.”

“Gross. Just gross.”

“What happens when that kid is older and one of his friends throws that magazine down in front of him? He’s going to be mortified.”

“I have nothing against breastfeeding if the child is of proper age. She is just doing this for herself, not for the child.”

“That child is going to have problems in the future. It should not be allowed.”

“In this instance, the way this framed and done, I don’t think the breastfeeding is for the child here. The mother is using the child to make some political statement.”

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Nathan Hamler's picture

Eh, a little strange....i don't judge, if they wanna do it, that's fine, i think if the kids start getting "teased" about it, it's prob time to stop....for the kid's sake...

and Bruno's vid was the funniest thing i've seen in a long time...haha

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It's just fine to over 50 percent of the worlds children - this is a social acceptance issue in North America - particularly the USA

I know fstoppers has been covering a broader range of topics recently rather than just bts videos, which is fine, but really? This post isn't even about the photos... It's about a parenting style... If I want parenting tips I'll go to a site for parenting tips...

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Agreed. I recommend this site for BTS and learning, http://www.iso1200.com/ . Found it yesterday, and it's awesome.

Here's the thing, I get that the photos are causing a lot of talk, but this article should look at the photos, not the parenting style...   Taking an objective look at composition, posing choices, eyelines, etc, would kind of be OK...

As it is I doubt whether posting the shots here even counts as fair use or whether fstoppers now owes some money to the photographer for using his images to accompany their article on this parenting style...   It's fair use if you're talking about the photos, it's NOT fair use if their just there as an illustration of the parenting style...   The first 3 sentences mention the images, but only as a way of saying that they've sparked the conversation, not because the articles is ABOUT the images...   and after those 3 sentences, the images aren't mentioned at all...

hey guys, I^m sorry but i don`t get the reason why you post this???i mean ok there are a few photo`s but....
anyway i`m shire u guys got ur reason????it`s a little strange but ok....

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I think these photos are proving disconcerting for a number of reasons but particularly because in two of the photos both the mother and child are looking directly at the camera.  Most images of breastfeeding tend to show the mother looking down at the child, and the child tends to face away from the camera - the images usually convey the bond between mother and child.  If both subjects are looking directly at the camera, that traditional 'bonding' image is destroyed and it converts the image into something utilitarian.  That is, it's just another way for the child to obtain food that's no different to anything else.   Additionally the child is almost a secondary thought in the photos - the composition does suggest it's all about the mother. 

Ironcially the article in Time was about attachment parenting.  Which I don't think is demonstrated by the photos...

1) WHO recommendation is six years of age, never mind three.
2) WTF does this have to do with FStoppers?

Both off-topic and ill-informed :(

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hell..... i still want to at 50

This is called photojournalism. A photographer was hired to cover a story which was published in a national magazine and was probably paid well for it. The story wasn't vulgar in my opinion so what's the problem reading about the story here on Fstoppers? This particular blog entry shows the range of stories that national magazines cover and they hired a professional photographer to cover it. You can disagree with the subject matter if you choose but this blog entry highlights a working photographer.

The problem is its not about the photographer at all. It's not even about the photos.... It's about the parenting style. The photos just sparked the debate...

This post COULD have talked about the photos, it COULD have talked about the photographer, and it COULD have presented it as an example of the range of stories covered. It didn't, it chose instead to talk about people's opinions on the subject matter. That's the problem.

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These photos have elicited a response more than any that I've seen in the last two months. Isn't the whole point of photojournalism to create discussions around social issues?

When the kid can ask for a boob, it's time to stop.  At that point they're eating solid food anyway so get of the tits kid, those belong to daddy again.

I did not know what to say, was a little unsure, but my daughter (4 years old) was suddenly behind me and she saw it and said DISGUSTING!!!

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Is there any argument for stronger immune systems for children exposed to their mother's antibodies for longer periods of time?

as long as they are doing what they think is best for theyre kids. they give a shit. and that makes them responsible parents. ive seen alot worse ( to me ) things parents are doing to theyre kids. My wife stopped breastfeeding when our daugther could eat and drink other stuff. personal choice. =)

 I dunno... any age seems appropriate for breast feeding, for example I would breast feed off Megan Fox with NO hesitation... ;) But at the same time these poor kids are probably going to get a lot of shiz when they hit Jr. High and someone pulls out this magazine.

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its a gray area because as a viewer its almost impossible not to sexualize it. The child on the other hand is not sexualizing it, its no different than if you saw a baby cattle feeding from an udder. At what age should a human stop breast feeding, i have no idea... but Putting it on a magazine cover however is simply to stir up a debate. Do what you want, either way the kid will probably be fine. 

RUSS's picture

:-) I think the photos came out nicely.
I think one of them being on the cover of a magazine is a fine idea too.
It made a photographer some money, I'd hope. :-)

I'm not going to judge these folks on what they do, because i don't wanna be judged on the things i do. I'll treat them like i want to be treated. :-)


 "I'm not going to judge these folks on what they do, because i don't wanna be judged on the things i do."

This piece of "deep" wisdom is produced by you, or someone taught you so?

What this article has to do with photography is beyond me. I visit this blog for photographic tutorials, behind the scenes clips, and technical insights, not national parenting debates. Quite frankly I'm embarrassed for Fstoppers by the lack of quality control on their posts ever since these new "writers" were brought on board. Quality over quantity used to be an Fstoppers virtue that I appreciated.