[Pics] 1960's Celebrity Photos Found in a Closet

[Pics] 1960's Celebrity Photos Found in a Closet

These iconic portraits were discovered by Dan Oppenheimer, a stained-glass designer in Memphis. They are the work of the late Jack Robinson, who shot celebrity portraits for Vogue in the 1960s. Later in his life, Robinson took up a career in a stained-glass, where he worked for Oppenheimer. When Robinson died in 1997, Oppenheimer handled his effects. In that closet in Memphis, he found approximately 150,000 prints from Robinson's 17-year photography career. Ever since, he's been cataloging and managing the Jack Robinson Archive.  Now you can see more of his work in the book Jack Robinson: On Show: Portraits 1958-72, published in November. It's such astounding work, and it would have been such a shame for it to go unseen. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Tina Turner

The Who

Jack Nicholson

Joni Mitchell

Elton John

Clint Eastwood

Ralph Lauren

Warren Beatty

Michael Caine

Cybill Shepherd

James Taylor

Tom Wolfe

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Clint Eastwood looking Alpha

Does Clint really ever _not_ look Alpha?


Great portraits. I particularly like The Who and Elton John.

Anybody else think a young Clint Eastwood looks a bit like Hugh Jackman today?

What do you mean, "looks like"?

Well I would say that Hugh Jackman is merely a reincarnated Clint Eastwood, but Clint is still alive and kicking. (probably because the Grim Reaper is scared of him -- I'm scared)

The purity of what photography does best... captures and tries to pin down what always refuses to stop... the passage of time.

(and thankfully not an electron microscope in sight to measure and post any full frame high-iso noise comparisons; Just delicious memories of moments long gone.)

I like most of them but tina Turner and Jack N. just don't work for me... I've seen way better shot of Jack N. and the tina portrait... well it could be anyone really.