[Pics] A Fun Spring Fashion Shoot, Dogs Included

As far as I'm concerned, Emily Shur can do know wrong. I've been following her work and blog for a few years now for a couple of reasons. First, I appreciate that she talks about her dog almost as much as I do. Secondly, she's got a strong portfolio of celebrity portraits - many of them taken in a blank studio without the use of props. In this particular shoot she used props of the canine variety, and faced the humans toward the backdrop. These photos were used for a spring fashion story for Paper Magazine. It's a fun set of images that you'll enjoy if you love cute puppies.

Via: Emily Shur


From Amy:

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Akhil Menon's picture

interesting concept indeed, def appeal to the dog loving fashionistas :)

ScriptureZealot's picture

She can do no wrong but you can do know wrong. :) I like it.