Portraits Of The World's Greatest 'Staches And Beards

Portraits Of The World's Greatest 'Staches And Beards

Photographer Matt Rainwaters hails from the land of Texas where all things are big and bold. So when he set out to shoot a project chock-full of the world's biggest and bestest moustaches and beards it just seemed like the right thing to do. The subjects are simply lit with a single ring flash shot against a black background, but in situations like this you dont really need complex lighting and crazy locations ... the subjects are crazy enough as it is. Matt also has the entire series available in the form of a 120 page print portfolio. So go put on your skinniest jeans, grab your favorite organic caffeinated beverage and entertain the hipster inside of you with these 'stache and beard shots. Enjoy!

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Why, oh WHY do I love these soooooo much? Can't pick a fav, there's far too much stachie goodness for that :) Thanks for sharing this discovery with us, FS peeps!

These kick so much ass.

with a just a ring flash.....excellent captures (IMHO)

freaky eyes

I dig these

Awesome and the ring light makes for brilliant catch

I think I got a shot of the same guy (first one)!