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Shooting Body Details With A One Light Set-Up

Follow Michael Zelbel from as he shows you how to light isolated body parts of your model in an stunning and artistic way using only a one light set-up. He uses just a shoot-through umbrella and a speedlight at a quarter of the power. So, the next time you're searching for an easy set-up to capture some simple low light bodyscapes look no further.

You can read the full article here: One Light Low Key Body Details

All Photos ©Michael Zelbel

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This guy has been putting out great videos for a long time. Plus he typically shoots hot Asian women and well hey....I can't hate on that.

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what in the world is this guy wearing lol...

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I like how he gets a soft yet contrasty light

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and the second flash on the DSLR ?

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Did you actually listen to the video? This video sounds like a way to lure women in and how to be a creeper.

Travis Dewitz

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Sadly I agree with Travis. It sounded ---- kind of creepy. Hell, I'll shoot bodyscapes and other high contrast nude photography from time to time but it is what it is. Snap the shots of model or client and that's it. You can even have fun and a few laughs but there was something about "getting the model ready" for other types of shoots that just had a creepy vibe me.