Super Sad: Super Heroes and Celebrities From The Walk Of Fame

Super Sad: Super Heroes and Celebrities From The Walk Of Fame

Most of us have seen, either on TV or in person, the characters that dress up in Hollywood, CA as celebrities and super heroes hoping to make a few bucks as a sidewalk attraction. Photographer Nicolas Silberfäden has taken it upon himself to shoot a series of these unemployed "entertainers" as a statement of the current economic crisis that much of America is experiencing. I must say, this sure is a sad crowd of super heroes. Super sad :( Enjoy!

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lmfao lmfao lmfao.... where the hell did you dig this up?

Why are you laughing?  These are real people struggling to get by in life.  Kudos to the photographer for having the balls to do this, I can't imagine it was easy to ask these people to get in front of his camera and pull out the emotion they feel in their everyday lives.  

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that superman was in a documentary too: it was very well done, but altogether sad.

yup, saw the superman guy last April!

Wow, I really feel for #3, Batwoman? Great series of images.

The article as written is slightly disingenuous,  the photographer asked them to portray sad emotions as statement on the economic times.  The emotions they are portraying may or may not be how they feel about their situation.  It's still a great series, but it is important to know they are acting in these shots.

Great series minus the fake tears...

i didn't know Snow White was a super hero?  I mean lets look at the cold hard facts..... whats with the obsession of the 7 dwarves?  Did they sneak some Jews out of Germany or something?  What was that story about again?

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 I don't follow your dwarf hidden story.  Would you mind explaining that a bit more?  Thanks.

aquaman is the clear winner here

This must be old. I live right off the blvd and walk down all the time and the only one I ever see from here is the superman  guy.

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This project is fairly old.  It was exhibited in NY and LA, and published in different art magazines.  I heard a talk the photographer gave and showed a video as well, very interesting.  As far as I remember tears where not fake. The photographer said that shoots would take hours and than they would end up talking about life, family, jobs was very moving actually.