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What Is Your Pantone Color?

Using Pantone's categorical system of coloring, Brazilian artist and photographer Angelica Dass has started a fascinating project (The Humanae Project) that will eventually catalog every possible human skin tone. With over 100 portraits already, Dass has made exact matches between her subject and several Pantone colors. She does this by extracting a 11 x 11 pixel sample from each of her subjects.

On her website she writes: The aim of her photographic work is to achieve the public’s direct involvement in photography as a whole concept, as a non-passive communication between people. All her projects deepen in an important issue: social, cultural and racial indentity and masks. What do you think?
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Lucas Galete's picture

duh. She's brazilian =)

Lee Christiansen's picture

Goes to show there is no one "correct" skin tone... despite insistance by some fellow 'togs that we should set a strict combination of colour combinations in PS to be "correct."  Fascinating...!


Jan Abellan's picture

but I guess there is a correct white balance to make if you want your correct skin pantone ^^

SOOOOOOO insanely cool! Really subtle way to take on issues of skin color and diversity!