Where Did All The Colors Go? Creating a World Of Pure White

Adrien Broom, Connecticut based photographer, recently successfully funded her new project "Where did All the Colors Go?" on Kickstarter. The project is a multimedia story for children in the forms of a children's book, a short film and also an integrated platform to be viewed through a tablet. For both the photo and video production, Adrien created amazing sets featuring different colors. The first color Adrien shot was White. Check out how she built the set and of course the final results.

Adrien: "This story follows a girl who wakes up to a world from which all color has vanished. Everything is white: clouds, marshmallows, bunnies, doves, cauliflower, chef hats, cakes and the moon (among many other things) create this new experience. After exploring the World of White, she finds a door that will lead her to her first discovery, the World of Red. Throughout this story, the young girl will travel from one environment to another rediscovering all the colors that create the world we live in. Finally, she will arrive at the end of the rainbow where all the colors meet."

Building the WHITE set took Adrien and her crew over 3 days. In this time lapse video you can see how much work went into creating this set of images.


And what are the next steps? Adrien explains: "The plan is to build eight distinct yet continuous worlds for the six colors of the rainbow (plus white, and the full spectrum) over the course of 8 months. Each color will take about a month to create and shoot. I have invited many different talented artists including bakers, florists, sculptors and various craftspeople to help create these worlds."






For more results and BTS shots check out her Facebook Page.

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Those are super cool!

Great concept! I love how the images turned out.Thumbs up!

The freckles on the girl's face really add to it.

Where did they go? In fact, white is the meeting of every single color in the spectrum.