The Art of Nude Photography

With Andreas H. Bitesnich

This tutorial explores shooting fine art nudes with one of the mostly highly acclaimed nude photographers for the male and female form, Andreas H. Bitesnich. The tutorial explores nine sets with different lighting set ups and male and female models.


The Creator

Andreas H. Bitesnich is among the world’s most famous photographers of the male and female nude. His images are instantly recognizable by their simple aesthetic and perfect synthesis of beauty and form. His work has been published and exhibited internationally for the last 25 years, and his iconic images are familiar to anyone with a passion for photography of the human body.

Having taught photography workshops for 15 years, Bitesnich finally opens his studio to a larger audience, with the production of his first Classic Studio Lighting tutorial DVD. Bitesnich not only delivers set after set of stunning lighting techniques, with tips and tricks included in his step-by-step audio guide, but has created a whole new standard for workshop tutorials.

The Project

Fourteen months in the making, with a six-figure budget and an International team of over twenty collaborators, this entire production simply radiates quality, right down to the specially-composed soundtrack. Each breathtaking episode features professional models and dancers, styled by top hair and make-up artist Wolfgang Lindenhofer. Even the audio guide is aided by spectacular 3D animated graphics. No expense has been spared in creating this lavish, entertaining and informative production.

Bitesnich himself admits to being surprised at the amount of work involved: “When we originally planned the DVD I thought it was going to be quite easy, but there are consequences to being a perfectionist! I simply decided there should be no comprises, and though that meant it took a lot longer to produce, the results are worth it.”

The production is specifically designed for photographers of the nude, who aim for this same perfection in their own work. With a range of sets from the sophisticatedly simple to the cooly complex, photographers of all levels can develop and hone their skills in lighting, set-construction, and working with models and stylists. Each episode ends with a look into the world of digital raw conversion, presenting effective possibilities to change the look and mood of the final images.

The Tutorial

There are nine concise lessons contained in the tutorial with a total run time of an hour and fifteen minutes. Lessons are digital downloads and contain the final images from each set. Each lesson covers:

- Set design and studio set up

- Lighting

- Model

- Camera settings and choice of focal length

- Shooting tips

- Basic raw adjustments in Capture One

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Josh B's picture

Not worth it. Barely an hours worth of content on only how to do the exact scenes that Bitesnitch did. There is no imparting of perspective or functional knowledge, no real considerations of the complexity of lighting and posing nude models, no technical data on the basis for the lighting decisions, no discussion of the impact of musculature and tone or the characteristics of gaze that would apply to and impact the image... Nothing that would make this anything more than an exercise at duplication of the artists work instead of evolution on a methodology. What is worse is that I don't see the guarantee on this tutorial's page so I am guessing that I am out the cash on this... :-( Should have bought a Locardi tutorial instead. At least then I know I would get a lot of perspective and background. Even Peter Hurley's headshot tutorial had more educational value... ( -_-)

Emile van Rensburg's picture

I am so glad, Josh B, that I saw your review. I considered buying this with the sale (even though it is still pricey), but your review stopped me in my tracks. I watched the Lindsay Adler workshop on nude photography and that was quite good. Thanks

Maxmilion Sperlich's picture

I was considering this too, thanks Josh B for saving me money. Ill look at other tutorials instead. Thanks