Can Anyone Figure Out How This Timelapse Was Filmed?

The guys at T-Recs (short for timelapse recordings) created a timelapse video that is unlike anything I have seen before. We have all seen timelapse videos that have camera movement but nothing like this. Some how these guys are making really big moves, almost like they are shooting out of an airplane. Anyone know how this sort of thing is done?

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Robot works?

Why don't we just ask them? lol.

Hey, thats my hometown (Dresden, Germany) in that video!

I've checked out their website and it seems like they usually work with a Kessler Slider and a small handheld gimbal stabilizer, about the size of a GlideCam 2000.

So my guess would be: handheld stabilizer out of a car (or skateboard, or whatever), added post stabilization, voilá...

The first part I think it's easier than how it looks. This are 3 or more "ordinary" cloud's timelapse overlayed and moved in and out the frame with a video editing software. Anyone agree?

anybody know what song they used for this?

My bet would be something like a crane with the camera mounted to the end of it, panning with something like a fluid head and a gyro stabilized system. Electronic gyro stabilization would account for steady shots. Cropping would still cause the images them selves, like buildings, to be jittery.

Looks like they used some trolley sort of thing to achieve the stability !!

i would say your run of the mill cherry picker - not expensive to rent either  - as you can see a bit of movement in the timelapse 

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my jaw was helplessly dropping from scene to scene...

You can find their BTS Movie here:

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Stephan beat me to it. Check out their website for behind the scenes info at

They must've used Adobe After Effects' new Warp Stabilizer on regular hand held shots.

Buwaneka Saranga nailed it. Point a wide angle lens in the general direction of a building, start an intervalometer and go for a little stroll with a hand held camera. Put all the shots as a sequence into After Effects, select a point on the building to stabilise and hit the go button. Dead giveaway is that in every shot there is a single point that remains glued to its spot in the frame.

hi this russian guy shoots time laps like this from a long time:

I love the theories.  I bet none of you can guess how I did this.

And try to figure this one out!!  LOL.

Oh and here's a few more to make you all wonder.  Ok, I'll give it up.  All shot by hand and hand-steadied in post using keyframes, no automatic B.S. image stabilization whatsoever.  Suckazzzzz!!   You're all creating these monster automatic rigs and I'm doing it with my BARE hands.  (sorry no HD on this one... made it years ago before my computer was fasssssst enough)

This hyperlapse is too smooth....making it look more like a regular video as opposed to a timelapse.

check it out called, hyperlapse

Where is the one after the clouds taken?