'Game of Thrones' Intro Recreated Using Time-Lapse of Mold

How would you feel if photographer Nick Lariontsev took the "Game of Thrones" intro song and replaced the sequence with his own time-lapse footage of fungi and mold? Let me tell you it would be awesome. I can definitely watch this over and over again.

The time-lapse itself looks amazing, seeing the mold and fungi growth extremely fast. I can definitely picture King's Landing or Valyria on these molds. This was filmed by his "Burbulyator LT BBR-2010." The rig was made two years ago and it focuses on macro photographs. The camera that was used to capture this was the Nikon D70S. It was left there from two to eight days while it moved along all the way around the mold. These microscopic time-lapses are such a work of art, Lariontsev captured the life that these molds and fungi have. Lariontsev is currently improving the functions of the Burbulyator and you never know what this can possibly hold for us in the future.

Original "Game of Thrones" intro:

Check out his the other amazing footage that the Burbulyator LT BBR-2010 captured. From water drips to watching an ice solidifying or seeing mushrooms grow before your very eyes, this is simply a remarkable device.

[via laughingsquid]

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His is an improvement =)

Scott Mosley's picture

game of spores

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What the hell did I just watch 0.0

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Very good, but I still prefer Game Of Goats..