How to Make Your First Travel Video in 3 Easy Steps

If you have some trips booked, perhaps you're considering creating your first video of it but aren't sure where to get started. Well, in this video, you'll get some great tips on how to begin and turn that journey into more than just an album of snaps.

Perhaps you're a bit like me: primarily a photographer, but with a persistent curiosity and enjoyment for video. I'll never stop taking photographs — that's for sure — but I consume an awful lot of video content and I can't help but see some of my trips in video format in my mind's eye. I have had to create videos several times for work, but for personal uses, I rarely venture past my mobile phone.

There are lots of useful tips in this video by Thomas Alex Norman, but in my experience, the one that stands out is the last. Norman may not have meant it quite how I took it, but whenever I create a video (or even shoot a collection of photos), I try to get more content than I will ever need. It's far better to have to sift through a large body of raw footage than it is to realize you didn't capture enough. Also — and perhaps this is merely a matter of experience — I often find that I have more ideas when I'm in post that require footage I hadn't accounted for. So, by capturing as much as I can, from as many angles as I can, I give myself far more breathing space when it comes to the edit.

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