Great Video Feature of Underwater Photographer Sarah Lee

A new video series by Smugmug featured underwater photographer, Sarah Lee. In it she talks craft and inspiration overtop of beautifully shot behind the scenes footage of her shooting in the Pacific. Back in April of last year we featured one of Sarah's photographs in our Flickr Spotlight.

If you're not familiar with Sarah's work you can check her out on her website, Facebook, or Instagram.



If you liked what you saw check out some more underwater photography stories on Fstoppers.

[Via Smugmug]

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That's awesome. I haven't had a chance yet to do some underwater video, would like to do that. I need to get out to a place like Hawaii sometime.

tristan lamour's picture

I've been following Sarah Lee for quite some time now. She is pretty awesome.

so cool!

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my favorite water photographer since long years; i follow her work for a while on flickr, and she is the one who gave me the love for spending time underwater with my camera :)