5 Tips to Help You Save Time in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an impressively powerful video-editing program, but with all that power comes the need for a lot of effort and investment of time to get the results you want. As such, finding any little spot you can to increase your efficiency can add up to big gains in the long run. This excellent video tutorial will show you five tips that will help you save time when working in Premiere Pro. 

Coming to you from Justin Odisho, this helpful video tutorial will show you five tips for saving time when editing video in Premiere Pro. Whenever you are working in a complex program like Premiere Pro, particularly one that is so demanding on resources, a lot of creating efficiency simply comes down to ensuring your workflow manages those resources as effectively as possible, such as using proxies. Another way to create efficiency is to keep out of the menus as much as possible by committing commonly used keyboard shortcuts to memory. If you are someone who struggles with that sort of thing, you can always pick up a relatively affordable Premiere Pro keyboard or cover. I prefer a cover just because they are cheaper and you can get several for different programs, but either solution works well. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Odisho.

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