5 Tips To Make Your Video Editing Process More Efficient

This video by Premiere Gal was uploaded on April Fools, so it starts with a joke. But the rest of the video has some valuable tips even if you've been editing video for a while. 

What I Learned

Color correcting on the master clip level instead of correcting each clip individually is a way to modify one clip's color and have it apply the same settings to all the clips in the timeline. It's then possible to go in and tweak certain clips if needed. I used to create an adjustment layer above and apply the color correction to that, but this removes that pink track on my timeline and allows me to focus on the footage and audio. 

Alpha Channel exports is something I had to do recently, and I only used one of the presets she mentions in the video. But, I know there is more than one way to do that now. 


I've realized that audio plays a big role in video production and that we shouldn't be so nervous or scared of it. We should embrace it and use it, because it will increase your production value and video quality.

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that kinda sad but i love that fact that she is giving back till the very end.