22 Incredible Long Exposure Photographs

"Living on the south coast of the UK, I am primarily a seascape photographer, and a big fan of long exposure work. I am not a ‘purist’, and whilst a captured image with perfect light can look great straight from the camera it is seldom that conditions are such that they convey the mood I seek.

Rather than a ‘record’ of a moment in time, I wish to offer a creative interpretation of the scene. This certainly requires the use of editing software like Photoshop to enhance levels of tone and contrast that the camera simply cannot record in a single image.

To produce an image that is unique and arresting is my aim, and for that, a great location, light, luck and digital processing skills are required in equal measure." ~ Trevor Cotton

via - www.thedphoto.com

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These are incredible!

Fascinating Images!

Hooha! nice.

so nice! long exposure during the day? ND filter perhaps?

I assume so - you can stack ND filters too.

A bit of technical info/insight would have been nice Fstoppers...

Technical info on Trevor Cotton's Flickr:


YES! Love it! 

Just beautiful


I understand these are long exposure but could someone explain how they did the boat with the yellow ball? Wouldn't the boat move around while on the water blurring the image. I'm so confused and would love to learn how to do this effect.

I believe he said he uses photoshop to construct images, so I imagine it is a bit of a manipulation combining a slow shutter of the water with a reasonable shutter speed shot of the boat.


amazing collection of exposure photography..

whoa! these are wicked sic!