24 Photos In 24 Hours

Have you ever attempted a 365 day project? I have... Like two or three times. I never complete them. Andrew Kufahl on the other hand has completed one. I followed it while he did it and I was regularly blown away. I recently came across his newest project and not only was I impressed by the photos, but I was more impressed by the restrictions he gave himself. He did 1 photo, every hour, for 24 hours.

He teamed up with model/photographer/artist Nicole Jolly for the project. They started at 4am, the project took them to a total of 8 unique locations and spanned over 40 miles. Pretty remarkable in my opinion. They turned the entire project into a book and are selling it on Blurb. For more info on the project check out Andrew's guest post on Jeremy Cowart's blog.

[Via Jeremy Cowart]
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Nic Brindell's picture

i started thinking each photo was just of the clock =P

Von Wong's picture

pretty wicked idea

Paul Monaghan's picture

Photobox used to run 24hour comp's when they would give you a theme each our and you had to make a photo  within that hour to qualify.

It was tone's of fun but also very tiring, trying to think of an image to match that theme.. take it.. edit it and have it online within the hour is pretty demanding excpecialy when looking after three kids lol.

Anyway big respect to  Andrew Kufahl and Nicole Jolly for pulling it off. :) 

kabummmm's picture

to be honest... such projects are mostly born out of boredom.

you have nothing interesting to photograph so you decide to photograph something boring but for a periode of time and make it (some kind of) interesting that way.

most of such projects (i did not say all) are still boring.

like photographing 356 days out of one window in my house..... or photographing 365 days one tree in my garden.

this project is different as it has different motives. that´s why it is a good project.

i was just commenting about so many "longtime projects"

Ralph Hightower's picture

Shoot1 24 exposure roll of film. There's your budget.

mandmphotographie's picture

There's a yearly event in our city called the 12x12, where you take one film exposure every hour for 12 hours interpreting a specific theme. It's a fantastic event. The pressure of creating something interesting and having only one shot to do it. http://vancouverphotomarathon.com/

Andrew's is such an inspiration for me, he always comes up with these simple but powerful concepts and executes them flawlessly. Respect!

Erik Jacoby's picture

You can always participate in the oldest annual photo marathon in Denmark. 24 pictures in 24 hours. Next year is the 25th anniversary. And film will be back I am told.

thequebeker's picture

Well, he should only do photography, his video editing skill hurt my head. Nice job on the photography tought.

El_Fez's picture

So he took 24 pictures of a clock?