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30 Seconds of Burglary Creates World's Shortest Photo Exhibit

This is quite possibly the coolest self promotions I've seen in a very long time. Artist / photographer Lukas Renlund holds his first outdoor exhibit only to have it end 30 seconds after opening. Why? All his shit got stolen. But don't worry every thing went according to plan. Watch the video, check out the snap shots, be inspired to do more with your photography.

Lukas Renlund:
"This video was filmed in Copenhagen on August 25th during my first ever outdoor exhibition. The place got totally burglarized in less than 30 seconds.
Quite literally, I invited passer-byers to steal my photographs - in exchange for a picture taken of where they decided to hang the photograph they stole. Anyone with the balls to steal a state of the art photograph was able to do so - provided that they honor our little agreement."


Video shot and edited by Anders Lönnfeldt
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Give some love to [ISO1200] for their post.

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ISO 1200 Magazine's picture

Thanks a lot Kenn.You know that I appreciate your comments.I have posted the second part:
STEAL MY PHOTOGRAPH!: Warm Regards, the Art Thieves! (PART II)


Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Interesting concept...

Jayson Carey's picture

i might have to steal this idea.

Lukas Renlund's picture

Hi guys. Thank you for the comments. I'm glad you feel tempted to Jayson. Haha!

Lukas Renlund's picture

Hi guys. Thank you for the comments. I'm glad you feel tempted to Jayson. Haha!

Kait's picture

Haha! I love this. Very cool idea, Lukas.

I was there, but six days too late :-( Cool idea though.

RHPhoto's picture

Great concept! Nice to see an artist willing to just share their work... well not "share" I guess.

Lukas Renlund's picture

It's lovely to hear your feedback on my project. Thanks Kait, Stephen, Chris & RHPhoto!

Scott Spellman's picture

Very cool idea :)  The video would have been much better with a flashing segment at the end showing several of the photos of the images hung up by the thieves.