3D Video Can Now Be Projected In 3 Actual Dimensions

Poland's video superminds, White Kanga, have come up with a way to project video onto a 3D object that can move and is capable of viewer interaction. Im not going to try explaining this and act like I know a dang thing about it, but this is VERY cool technology and will definitely change the game for lots of display, gaming and maybe even cinematic applications. Also, watch this video which shows the video software calibrating the projector with the target object, it gives you more of an idea how it works. Really incredible stuff! Enjoy

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I'm curious about the technology and/or method behind this cool thing!

It looks like everything was created in TouchDesigner.

projection mapping has been around for a while. Although its application has been limited. I hope more things like this show up. Here is a concert application of this technique


Projection mapping is nothing new, but what White Kanga does is projecting content on the moving object http://vimeo.com/55860319