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Gypsy Foot Hula Hoop

April 7, 2015

I edited this together from some footage I shot in tandem with a still shoot I did of hula hoop artist/dancer, Victoria, in her Burning Man wardrobe. Check out my website for some stills from the shoot.

The Canon DSLR was set up on a tripod just in front and below me as I shot strobed portraits in the studio. You can see the flashing from time to time as I worked with her.

All footage was later processed, edited and roughly arranged in Adobe Prelude. I then imported everything into Adobe Premiere for the final edit where I also added effects and audio.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO EDITING: J. Geoffrey Badner geoffbadner.com
MODEL: Victoria Zajac instagram.com/gypsy.foot
HUMA: Jess Plummer jessica-plummer.squarespace.com
ASSISTANT: Peter Garritano petergarritano.com
MUSIC: "Insomnia" By MrFijiWiji soundcloud.com/mrfijiwiji
STUDIO: Studios LIC, Brooklyn NY studioslic.com

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