Add Freckles To Your Next Portrait

We featured Elena Jasic on here last month, and this month she is back with this awesome tutorial on how to add freckles in post to your photos. Elena is a young and upcoming fashion and beauty photographer from Philadelphia. The photo in this tutorial is from Chris Zupo. You can also find the brush used in this tutorial here. If you guys try this technique out, share a link to it with us in the comments on this post!

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One of the most useless tutorial I've ever seen... c'mon FStopper.... what is happening to you??? -.-

The mom's picture

Can someone turn down the opacity on those freckles?

Anthony Tripoli's picture

 Yes you can. This is a tutorial, and it is showing how far you can take the technique. Like any and all tutorials, the idea is to show you a method, and to allow you to use it in your own work however you see fit.

I feel like she just looks dirty. There are areas on the face that freckles aren't. Like under and above the eyes.  The shoulder looks great, but the face is to much.

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!