Amazingly Edited Rock Climbing Video Unites Music, Picture, And Sound

The company Petzl hosted "RocTrip China 2011", where elite climbers from all over the world came to China to climb some of the most spectacular arch rock formations ever found. Video of the local farming town and the climbing event itself was captured, but instead of a traditional narrative edit or linear progression, the edit is driven by music that has NAT sound from the video clips mixed into it, creating a unique presentation that has an incredible flow to it. Confused? Check the video and let me know what you think. Some wallpaper sized photos of the epic landscape after the jump.

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Is that the same place the crazy wingsuit dude flew through? 

i think it is not but look quite the same...

Awesome clips and editing!

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

I love the idea for the movie, I love the music, editing and the rock climbing.
I don't like how the commercialization of climbing in that arch will destroy this natural wonder...

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

A local is setting up a trad climb in the arch by setting up tie-offs to the tufas. Its not being destroyed and couldn't be as easily as some place like the Delicate Arch.

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Great great great great GREAT video. So well done. So fantastically well thought out. So happy to see the climbing community get such great coverage for the hard work they do, with two great posts recently.

My only quirk I picked up on is the fact that Fuselier is in the wallpaper show above, and he was not well received in the community after his trip to China a few years ago where he took a drill to a route to make it a little more "friendly" and kind on the fingers.

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The clip's great and indeed well edited. But I think it has nothing to do on Fstoppers...

 I come to Fstoppers for everything photo/video creativity and this definitely falls under that category.

Haters gonna Hate

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best climbing video ever. thats rocks!