Annie Leibovitz Shoots Kate Upton for Vanity Fair's 100th

Get a glimpse behind the scenes as Annie Leibovitz photographs Kate Upton for Vanity Fair's 100th Anniversary. Paying homage to Vanity Fair's beginnings by drawing inspiration from the original illustrated cover, Leibovitz shoots Kate while she lounges on the moon. As the cover for the 100th Anniversary edition doesn't actually feature any of the frames from Kate's moon walk, I guess we'll just have to wait for this October's edition to hit news stands.

The Inspiration - Dress & Vanity Fair, October 1913:

vanity fair kate upton annie leibovitz marylin monroe original

The Result - Vanity Fair, October 2013:


via [VanityFair]

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Paul Hance's picture

Awesome. Thanks for the post.

Holy Moly !!! I spot skin imperfections and birthmarks.

Have pro photographers finally come to the conclusion that humans aren't perfect supernatural mannequins but instead carry reams of tiny imperfections which makes them living creatures ?
Guess I'm blaming the wrong ones, it's the client who want's that crap, the photog is just the guy who makes it come true.

Hopefully this trend finds it admirers and continues to burgeon.

I also spot alien neon green eyes.The colors are somehow all too saturated here at, in comparison to this picture :

Fetching image ...

they def. made her arms skinnier!

Thanks for posting this. I think there's nothing better when there's fun and laughter during a photo shoot.

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the boobs. O.O

Also I wish Leibovitz would have gone full on Art Nouveau. :(

Pretty darn cool! She's a beauty and fits this style really well! She seems to fit any style though!

I'm envious of that recycle time- wow.

Good point. Beats a 480xx-whateverEX, eh?