Antoine Willaeys Shoots Mountain Bikers In The Rain

Nothing is more disheartening to me than waking up on a day of a location shoot to find it is raining outside. What was supposed to be a fun day of shooting photos turns into a day on the couch, browsing the web, and having a movie marathon of the same old DVDs. When Antoine Willaeys woke up to a rainy day though, he didn't let it stop his photo shoot.

The first part of his shot took place in his studio, so luckily he didn't have to worry about the rain there. The second part though took him out into the woods to shoot mountain bikers in their element. To protect his flash heads he covered them in plastic bags, and he utilized all weather battery packs to power his gear. Check out the behind the scenes video and the photos from the shot. I've got to give it to him for commitment, I hate being soaking wet and cold! For more information check out Antoine's blog!



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This is just all round terrible. 

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Come on guys, seriously. It's not like these are bad pictures (okay, the second two photos are pretty mediocre and the first one just isn't overly original), but it's not post worthy. 

This is why I read F-stoppers so much less, and only click through once and a while. It was better when it was a smaller group, it's clear that parts of the team are really green and not particularly great at editing.

What? And the first one is good? These are not good. No offence to the photographer, i'm sure he'll be the first to admit he's not a professional, but there are a ton of better photographers producing bicycle related material like this of a much much higher standard - the standard folk use to associate with FStoppers.

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Big disappointment, I agree with Geoff, the quality of Fstoppers is gone! If you call these pictures "Good quality", why don't take a picture of a black wall with instagram and say that it's "high quality picture with nice idea and wonderful processing!"...


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You're right, the shots aren't the best that they could be but to me it was a challenge and I'm proud i got out there and shot. Sorry you think I'm an Instagram photographer. It's not an excuse, but the finality of this photoshoot was to don't give up, stay focus, put myself in danger and do the job anyway. 

It was about changing your photography plan at the last minute and produce something when 90% of people stay at home. Of course, pictures are not perfect because of the mess during the photoshoot maybe the hardness is not sufficiently put forward.

I'd love to see you wake up in the morning in the shitty conditions I was in and come up with something epic. And when you do, please send it to me and I'll be the first to congratulate you guys !

Hi Antoine. First of all I do not think you are an 'instagram photographer'. I did actually look at your site before posting and as mentioned by Steven Heger below, your otherwork is fantastic. My disappointment with this post lay not with you, but with the person posting it. Having worked in the bike industry for over a decade I've seen some spectacular shots. Also, I come to Fstoppers for interesting, inspiring content. 
So although I admire your persistance and dedication to producing material no matter what, I do not believe it is of a post worthy standard (the standard i normally associate with FStoppers). The dedication may be admirable but the consideration for what the rider is wearing and the terrain he is riding is either non existant or misguided. What I am referring to by this is; his nasty looking get-up, the horrible grey 661 helmet, goggles still around his neck, skidding through some leafs. Combine those factors together and you get photographs that anyone with any knowledge of the subject knows is pretty lame.

Which leads me back to the FStopper who posted it on the site...

Thank you for this answer @facebook-512450376:disqus . It's better with some explanations.
I understand what do you mean. I'm part agree with you but I think Fstoppers is dedicated to Photography and all of its sides. Devotion is one of them. 
About the rider and terrain he is riding... What can I say ! My job in this series is to photograph athletes in conditions, I always say "ok, be what you are, do what you always do when you're in training" It's hard for a rookie - in this sport I mean - to know what is good or what is wrong :/ 
So, I hope you will enjoy my next images probably more realistic research :)
(Sorry if I make some mistakes, my English is not perfect)

I didn't mean that you're an Instagram user, I never meant it so. I meant the quality of FStoppers. They post almost everything that has something photographic things influenced. It was purely over-exaggerated, I just wanted to tell that if the lining of Fstopper is going forward, we'll see Instagram-shit in the front page. It's just the fact...unfortunately. I don't say that it's you and you but FStoppers praise many pictures which are very medicore...often not even medicore. The pictures what they see and say "Amazing, fantastic, unbeliveable", I see those kinds of pictures almost every day.

I agree with Richie, your other works are pretty neat but these be honest, they are not fantastic ones. But, the shitty conditions are shitty conditions, you have to do what you can, and you did it!

Thank you @google-abb5aaf6cf0025f1362004fef34327ea:disqus for your words. Now it's clear with more explanations.
Like I said to Richie I understand and i'm part agree.  Hope you'll like my next pictures :)

simply featured the wrong work... Check out the dudes portfolio 

Thank you :)

I like this photographer's work, but it's my personal opinion. Any criticism is good to take for any photographer but some comments I read here are really useless, cynical and unhelpful. Are all of their authors really universal references in the field to write such comments ? All I see here are snob and elitist comments instead of professional reviews by photographers for photographers. It's a pity.

I would like to think i gave a fairly in depth and valid response as to why and where these particular photographs could have been improved.