Awesome Silhouette Portraits At Sunset

Awesome Silhouette Portraits At Sunset

Photographer Irving Lubis (Pink Sword), based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia has captured a captivating group of images by shooting silhouettes against the setting sun. With everything from children to field workers and cattle, Lubis' series leaves you with a sense of mystery and fantasy. As simple as these shots can be to make, the composition is what grabs me most. Enjoy!

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Amazing....I have always been amazed by silhouettes much so that I have a dedicated section in my portfolio ( ), and I love your work Irving! 

Nice photos.

What confuses me is, that in a lot of photos there seems to be the same cloud close to the horizon... 

This looks pretty photoshoped to me...I agree same cloud and sun in at least 6 shots...

Yup, very nice.  Perhaps the ones with the same clouds were all shot at the same time? 

Great images! There is a hint of photoshoping in it, but if so, is in that part of the art it is self?

Even if they a Photoshop I still think they are really nice work.

Wonder what focal length lens would produce an image of the setting sun that size? And how far away from the camera would the subjects have to be to appear at the correct size...?

Michael, you'll want to use a long focal length to compress the scene enough to make the sun appear that close to the foreground. And, if I'm not mistaken, a pretty small aperture to A) even get the scene within the range of your shutter, and B) render the sun with that sharp of an outline. 

The distance is going to vary with the situation, but you should be able to play with the different aspects separately to get an idea, or use any other standin of obvious, familiar size at sunset. (A car, for instance. Perhaps the one you drove to the chosen scene in, if that's the case for you.) Figure out how far in you'll need to zoom with your lens to get the effect you want with the sun, then figure out how far away you'll need to be to get your subjects at the size you desire with that same focal length. Then zoom by walking (or run for a "fast zoom") to mix it up. 

Finally keep in mind that these were digital composites, so the sun was most likely "enlarged to show detail". :)

these are photoshopped composites for sure.... but the ideas are great!
and he at could've used several sunsets to avoid being caught! :)

He also flipped the clouds/sun in the photo with the sword to make it less obvious :-)

Precisely. It's still beautiful art, but the scenes were used repeatedly with different silhouettes brought in for variation. I have no problem with that, except for labeling them as strictly "photos". 

photoshop is just a tool to make the image. We all use it, just like all photogs before used the darkroom to master their shots. I love to just enjoy an image for what it is and realize that no one has granted me the position to be their critic. :)