Awesome Video And Photos Of Motorcycle Lifestlye

It's Better In The Wind is the personal photo project of Scott G. Toepfer, a photographer and film maker from southern California. Some of Scott's clients include Specialized Bicycles, Harley-Davidson, Honda Motorcycles, Triumph Motorcycles, Sapporo Beer, Fossil, and Discovery Channel, among others. This massive project focuses on the mobile lives of motorcyclists and documents the beautiful in their gritty nomadic world.

In late 2009, Scott and some friends set out on a personal project in hopes of printing a book of photographs documenting their adventures on their motorcycles. They printed the book and released it in the summer of 2010 and it was met with a lot of acclaim, selling out in roughly one week. Still, Scott didn't feel like it was time to put this project to rest. He and his friends continued adventuring, putting more and more miles on their motorcycles, all the while photographing and filming, and in 2011 he debuted a short film for his project, also titled It's Better In The Wind. Scott's blog, which is dedicated to this project, is nothing short of inspiring in this day and age, where we as a culture spend more time on the internet and day dreaming about going out on adventures than actually going out and doing it. The overall size of his body of work and his ability to beautifully document his adventures while barreling down the highway on his motorcycle is extremely impressive.

Are any of you working on a big personal project? Share it in the comments below. We would love to see what you are up to!

Check out the blog for It's Better In The Wind here.
And you can check out Scott's portfolio at

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stinkin' RAD!!!

Great series! Loved it.

Love this stuff guys. Absolutely love it! Great find.

Reminds me of Scott Pommiers series, but not as good.

Still great though


Great Photos! 

Yes I am. Bought a 30 ft Airstream, next july I'm leaving my home in Dallas for a year, 12-15 places around the US. 2-4 weeks in each. Shooting Photos and Video. Having guests, doing 2 vid blogs per month. That's all I can share. Email me if you'd like  talk more.

This is a really great project. I love seeing projects when the photographer shooting them is personally involved. 

I'm actually working on a project like this involving independent professional wrestling, called To Live And Die In Spandex. You can check it out on my site, 

You've got the best compilation of images out there. Me and my friends should give this one a try. We haven't documented all our riding adventures. What you've got are all beautiful captures if ever we will try getting some shots while on the road we hope we could get the same outputs.

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