Beautiful Shoot Of New Bond Girl, Bérénice Marlohe

Growing up I was always excited when there was a James Bond marathon on TV. My dad was equally excited, but it took me a few years to realize his joy too. Bond films have always had a history of showcasing beautiful women as the romantic interest, and the new Bond film, Skyfall, is no exception. Harper's Bazaar en Espanol features Bérénice Marlohe, the newest Bond girl in their November issue next month. Check out these photos (and video) of the gorgeous 33 year old shot by Benjamin Kanarek.










[Via Benjamin Kanarek Blog]

Updated to reflect original source

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Bob's picture

Guesses on the lighting used?

Yes I would be curious ;)

Oh and it is not Harper's BAZAAR España but Harper's BAZAAR en Español :-)

Matthew James's picture

Probably a combination of Reflectors/Bounce boards (for the first two shots), along with a combination of either Profotos or Elinchromes with small soft boxes or octas for the "lit" shots.

Always take a guess as to the lighting used in shots here on fstoppers. Then watch the BTS vids. If you do this every time you'll start to recognize lighting techniques just by glancing at an image. I know, it's really helped my use of lighting!

I used a mixture of ambient, room tungsten and a hard bare bulb flash using a Multiblitz Compactlite 200 ws monobloc head. Used with the standard 5" umbrella bowl only.