Behind The Scenes Artist Shoot With Cami Bradley

This was a very special shoot to me. Cami has been a good friend/photographer for a long time so we go way back. Although this shoot had nothing to do with her photography. Cami is an amazing vocalist. By far the best I know. I used to produce music and she sang on the first track I ever had signed. So we had a good connection to start with and I knew this was going to be an amazing shoot.

This shoot was done with 100% natural light for the outside shots. I did bring my reflector but never used it. The studio shots were done with a 22in White BD and a PCB AB800 strobe. Shot with a Canon 5d Mark II with the Sigma 35 1.4 and Canon 85 1.8. The Tilt-shift looking shots were done by free-lensing.

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Filming done by Joseph Tyler Photography and Moment1

Make sure to go check out Cami's music as well. You will be blown away.

Hope you enjoy these!!!



IMG_4487 copy



















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great shots!

Hey Chris,
Nice series of images. I was wondering if you could share your technique in producing very muted b&w imagery such as the second b&w image that is displayed.

play with your curves adjustment. grab the far left black point and drag that up. then play with dragging the far right white point and drag that down. then play with dragging then in toward the center and adding points to the curve to.

 Or even better, purchase a copy of Red Leaf Film Emulsion Presets for LR or VSCO Film presets for LR You'll be able to replicate the looks with either of them though VSCO is what i'd start with first.

i think those presets are a little pricy for making a muted black and white when its so easy to do yourself once you understand how to use curves.

Someone just got a steady cam, haha. Great shots man. Is that the new Sigma Art lens? 

Dammit your work keeps getting better Chris. Well done mate. 

awesome shots. looks like there is some white brushing marks from a mask or from cloning on the second to last shot. To the left of the camera left shoulder.  and maybe some to the right of her head by her hair at eye level.

 Can't unsee now!

good eye.  and lmao at Andy below, too true.  Nothing to detract from the artist though, wonderful shots

Beautiful images!

Nice work! That sigma 1.4 is the bees knees!

Great shots Chris! When you were using liveview were you videoing as well or were you using it to do your free-lensing/lens whacking? 

Great Photos! Though the guy with the glide-cam needs to learn how to handle it properly :)).

Seriously. You can't make out a single glide-cam shot through the entire thing.

Would have saved serious money to just screw the camera on a broomstick.

Interesting video though.

Unbelievable shots! Loving the sharp detail and soft color tones. Just a fantastic all around shoot with so many different layouts and comps. Great work guys! Keep up the greatness.

Video sensor dust drives me nuts for the first half of the video. Lower left third. But great end results  on the photos. 

Am I seeing the same photos as everyone else?! These images are okay at BEST, there's nothing original happening here!

Great shots...btw what it the title of that song, it's really great!

Snow and clouds.... the ULTIMATE soft box!