Behind The Scenes: Dean Bradshaw for Diageo

We have posted work from Dean Bradshaw on this site before and he has a way of really making ideas come to life. From concept to the final product is pure perfection. In this series for Diageo that will incorporate their latest branding efforts for Rosenblum Cellars, Dean creates a mad scientist feel in a very unique way.

Check out the awesome BTS video for more information about the shoot.


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Thanks for posting Chris! Was a welcome sight in my google reader this morning...


These are great!  Love the post processing, now if I could only figure it out for myself, I want this style.

I agree, I've been trying to figure out how to replicate this kind of lighting/processing style lately, not a whole ton of luck unfortunately...

Man I sure would like to have this creative directors job. Watch Sherlock Holmes, then pitch the whole look to the client like its something brand new. Find a guy that LOOKS like Robert Downey Jr. put him in Sherlock Holmes looking clothes with steampunk gear.

Wicked stuff!

Dean's BTS stuff is really excellent. 

The result is really impressive !!