Behind The Scenes - Derren Versoza -Photographer

Derren Versoza has to be on the top of some of my favorite lifestyle photographers. The look he has is perfection and he can easily tell stories with his shots. He has been filming a lot of his shoots and put together a BTS overview of all of them.

Here are a few shots of his. Make sure to check out his site for more and also his Facebook page!!

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Aah, these songs make me think of the time you guys made a stand against unlicensed music in your FStoppers Originals. For anyone that is curious, I think it was Patrick that mentioned (and I have seen a few times) a website called The Music Bed for some great license-able music for good rates.

Those are great resources too - I must have missed that week!

Does the author personally know this guy, and is he doing him a favor by dedicating a paragraph to him with links to his site and Facebook page? The photographs are kind of run-of-the-mill and very typical of what I see from most portrait photographers here in NYC. They wouldn't stand out in a crowd. (He also crops at the knees, cuts off fingers, etc.)

I do not personally know him.

What lens is he using?

Looks like all of the stuff on his site is shot with either a 35 1.4 or 50 1.4

great thing about these pictures is the amount of gear he uses... most of the time camera, lens, sometimes a reflector... that's it.
other guys don't get it done this perfect with much more...


Simple and clean. I dig it.

This guys work looks great! People who post on f-stoppers are ruthless! I would be terrified if my work ever got featured on here! Constructive critiques are one thing, but man bunch of photo trolls! HAHA!

I've noticed the same. Anonymous self proclaimed Pros crapping on other pros.  That stuff doesnt fly in the real world... just on the internet.

Fstoppers should be taking names and feature the work of these people.  I love this site like fat people love buffets.

Hey hey hey, I'm a fat guy and I don't like buffets! LOL

But I agree if you got the kahunas to post negative comments then be man/woman enough to show us a link to YOUR work. I enjoyed the article and like his minimalist approach! 

I think its a great work and photos... I love how they edited the video... the humor and fun it brings...:))

I personally love this style! I want to do something similar in Belgium. So if you're here or know people who would like to collaborate, let me know! :)

I really really like this style, it's so simple and pure, natural light most of the time. Just put a great model in a nice environment and follow the light, it's that easy folks.