Behind The Scenes Of Epic Indie Film: The Underwater Realm

Two years in the making and with a Kickstarter budget to start them off, Realm Pictures has finally released the indie epic The Underwater Realm. The five part series that was released on Christmas Day sets you on a cinematic journey through time and under the waves as you follow the mysterious underwater Atlanteans. Shot entirely on the RED Epic and using customizable underwater housing, submersible speakers, surface monitoring and some amazing breath holding, this series is one of the most impressive indie film series I have had the pleasure of viewing.

Below I added the trailer and a few of their behind the scenes videos to get a sense of what went on throughout the production process. Keep an eye out for the upcoming full behind the scenes video of the Underwater Realm photoshoot by Fstoppers' favorite, Benjamin Von Wong that will be posted in a few weeks.

The Underwater Realm on YOUTUBE

The Underwater Realm - Official Trailer HD from Realm Pictures on Vimeo.


Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe

©Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe

UWR BLOG WEEK 76 - POST PRODUCTION from Realm Pictures on Vimeo.

ben von-wong

Behind the Scenes © Benjamin Von Wong

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Jayson Carey's picture

watched the series yesterday and have been following for months.  what they pulled off is nothing short of astounding.  considering they were all volounteers, had a piddly 100k budget (which IS piddly with aproduction on this scale), and had to come up with nearly everything from scratch, I am extremely impressed and cant wait to hear more from these guys.  if this does turn into a trilogy of features, i will be in line waiting.  also, I heard the director say in an interview with IndyMogul that their budget was less than half of the COFFEE budget of the hobbit!