Behind the Scenes of 'Gravity'

This weekend's release of Gravity has proven that Hollywood can still be on its toes with fresh and compelling stories. So far, most people have described the flick as being emotionally intense and almost frightening at times and critics are tending to agree. Watch these behind the scenes featurettes that cover how and why they decided to shoot in 3D, shooting with IMAX, utilizing Previz and the preparation that Sandra Bullock and director Alfonso Cuarón did to create the film.





Sandra Bullock had a few things to say about filming the movie and who she reached out to so that she could prepare herself for replicating the fluid movement of floating into space.

"(My brother-in-law) got my number to Cady (Catherine "Cady" Coleman, an astronaut), who was at the ISS at the time, and she called and I was able to literally ask someone who was experiencing the things that I was trying to physically learn," explained Bullock. "I was able to ask her about how the body works, and what do you do, and what do I need to reteach my body physically to do that cannot happen on Earth. It was just a really coincidental, fortuitous thing that happened, over wine,that got me the final piece of information that I needed."- Sandra Bullock










Via:, KPopStaz and The New York Times.

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Wanna see it!

This is a must see movie for my wife and me! We saw Hubble 3D and that was awesome! To hear Mike Massimino say that someone did their homework, that makes it realistic

Rebecca Britt's picture

Just walked out of the movie and HOLY COW! If this doesn't win Movie of the Year then I will lose all hope for Hollywood. Best movie I've seen in years.

Very impressive! The film-making ingenuity is amazing. The suspense, beauty, and tight (2 actors) setting is amazing. Must be seen in 3D.

Great movie! Took my 7 year old to check it out in IMAX / 3D after he asked could he see stars in space ;-) . Figured it would be the best way for me to show him, yes.

Jayson Carey's picture

the movie looks great, and the crazy-long shots are very impressive, but after seeing them both in the same weekend, Rush way far better.

Rob Maythorne's picture

Having spent 6 months on set, its is great to see it finally coming out and getting such a grand reception!