Behind The Scenes Of The Latest Old Spice Commercial

I wonder how much the budget on something like this is...

Final Video

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Awesome video. They put so much work into making these awesome moving set commercials. I love how great they are.

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I use Old Spice Matterhorn myself. That stuff just won't wash out of your shirts. Seriously!
To the cleaners, back from the cleaners, back to the cleaners, back from the cleaners, in the tub, soak, soak soak, scrub, scrub, scrub, to the cleaners, back from the cleaners, scissors, left arm pit, snip snip snip, right arm pit, snip snip snip!
On the plus side I smell fresh and can now apply my deodorant even when my shirts already on.
Oh wait... we're not talking about deodorant are we.

"the ladies" - haha. Lee I wonder the same thing... I mean they had a wire attached just to pull clothes off of him at a certain point in the commercial. Just think... this is to promote a product to make people smell better... what did we do in the old days???

That's so, so cool.

strange ! i thought it was a VFX generated commercial, which could give the same result and be a LOT cheaper. But hey, they have the money, so they can play!

HAHA awesome video! There's a ton of work that's gone in to that set. Kudos to them!

a friend of mine has worked on all the old spice commercials. he told me they are always way over budget, and a nightmare for the art department - which he is a part of - because a lot of the gags take forever.

i never thought that such ads would be made with real setups like these. Its awesome work...kudos to the ppl behind this huge creation.....but felt like unnecessary money splashed on getting an output which can be as neatly done with softwares.