Behind The Scenes With Mario Masitti Senior Session

The world of senior photography has changed drastically from what it used to be even just a few years ago. Coming from simple posed shots with very bland lighting to natural poses and dramatic lighting. In this case, Mario Masitti does it right. The way he goes through a senior session from makeup to the final product is extremely professional yet fun and energetic.

Mario's work is inspiring to say the least. The natural poses give the shots a very life style type feel to them. I know getting the subject to act natural in front of the camera is possibly the hardest thing when it come to shooting seniors and he does it flawlessly. Check out a few of his images from this BTS video and make sure to check out his page on facebook.

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Nice BTS and kudos to the lighting assistant.

 Thanks, I almost blew away with the softbox that day.

nice work! 

Too bad you always have to turn the sound off on so many BTS videos though...

This wasn't as bad as most but yeah blech.

my thoughts exactly.

I Like He's work :)

Lot of locations, how long was that session? Very impressive.

 The session was about 5 hours if I remember correctly.

Metadata says first frame was fired at 2:41, and the last frame was fired at 6:53. We took about an hour break in the middle to travel, eat, and regroup as well.

Lovely video! I wish it gave a bit more insight to how he goes about planning the day though. Awesome job and the work is beautiful!

 If you have any specific questions just let me know, but it's just like any other shoot I would do. Pre-consultation with the client. Storyboard ideas and then compile wardrobe, make-up, and hair looks.

Yeah I'd be curious to know how much of those poses were a result of your coaching or the personality of the client. Obviously both are involved and you work with what you got? I wonder if the photographer considers himself 10% photographer 90% therapist as Peter Hurley.

90% of my clients have never had professional photos taken before working with me. Not sure if that makes me 90% therapist, but I've spent a lot of time perfecting how I work with my clients to get the images I want. :) Cheers!

Great work! I really enjoyed seeing this video and feeling some of the energy going on the shoot. Congrats to Mario and the team and to the model too. Anyone used to work with unexperienced models knows that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the model just can't let go and deliver what we are looking for.