Behind the Scenes of Pepper Yandell's AutoSource Dallas and HRE Wheels Photo Shoot

In one of the better behind the scenes videos I've seen recently, my friend Pepper Yandell takes viewers through a complete automotive shoot for AutoSource Dallas and HRE Wheels.

Here's Pepper's breakdown of the shoot:

"The photoshoot is for AutoSource Dallas and HRE Wheels. AutoSource gave me the keys to their 1,200HP Jotech Stage 6 Widebody Nissan GT-R repainted in Lamborghini's Verde Ithica color, and my current favorite car, the Ferrari 458 Spider. I already had some locations picked out, and then we scouted out the rest as we were cruising around town. The first location was simply some containers we stumbled across as we were driving down the street from AutoSource. The second location was my buddy's warehouse, the Dallas Automobile Storehouse in Addison, TX. The last location was this shut down, under construction hotel + parking garage my friend Nathan the construction manager got us access to."

Check out the video to see his lighting setups, use of Human Light Stands, and the retouching process. You can also check out his page on Facebook for more of his work!







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David Kozlowski's picture

Nice! I really like the shots with the white windows...and my fave is the last one, above.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I agree with ya, those look really fantastic!

Artem Ermakov's picture

Good work, but there is a part of the light stand in the middle of the first shoot.

Pepper Yandell's picture

Thanks! Where are you seeing this light stand? Can't spot that anywhere.

worker88's picture

I see it too.

Artem Ermakov's picture

It is at the front left side of the nissan

Morgan Glassco's picture

Say what you will but I would totally take Nissan out of the two!

Ihab Mokayed's picture

There we go, another photographer that does incredible work using one light and a "human stand", hahaa! Really great work!

taylor Farman's picture

Welcome to Texas, cant go a day without seeing a GTR. White window shots are tremendous, love the light bleeding under the cars. Halo feeling. GOod work