Behind the Scenes: Shooting a Breathtaking Classical Album Cover

This week the ever talented Benjamin Von Wong has taken a particularly difficult challenge of shooting not only a cover album for classical artists, Homzy/Kesler Duo, but their music video for their latest single, 'Curiosity', on the same day. In the behind the scenes video Benjamin walks you through the lighting he used for the photography portion of the shoot.



Benjamin shot the front cover artwork first, then moved on to the music video shoot only to switch gears again to shoot the back cover towards the end of the day. I would imagine that that type of scheduling would make any photographer feel some immense pressure. Luckily Benjamin has a few good tips over at his blog about running a music video shoot and cover album shoot at the same time. You'll also find some more information about how each shot was captured and the lighting diagrams.

A Curious Tale: Video and Still Featuring a Piano in the Woods

You can find more information about Homzy/Kesler Duo here:

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ok what is breath taking on it?

I really enjoyed the photos, I hadn't really seen photos like those before...The skin tones really resemble classical paintings! But it probably would have been a wise choice to storyboard the music video before hand and plan for a two day shoot, one day for the photos and one day for the video so that the team could have had time to apply the same patience and care to both mediums.

Adam T's picture

I like the photos and think they are some of wong's better ones but that dragon needs a lot of work

Von Wong's picture

need to work on my drawing skills :( !

Von Wong's killin' it! One of my fave photographers for his creativity and enthusiasm.

I thought it was pretty awesome!

Getting sick and tired of hearing about Von Wong. Does he pay you to host his stories?

Jaron Schneider's picture

Nope. But he does make some cool stuff. This is a blog to show how photos were made, and he produces a lot of content.

I really wish we got paid as much as people seem to think we do. Would certainly make feeding myself less of a weekly issue.

Adam Rasheed's picture

Lol killin' em with kindness.

Rebecca Britt's picture

I tell you what, if you can make BTS videos and content as well as he does I will be more than happy to post those for the public.

That's the thing Rebecca. I have and do. Maybe not BTS stuff as that's all ego masturbation. But as far as content goes, I've done similar years ago. I just never feel the need to shout about it from the rooftops. That's what gets to me about Von Wong is that he is a good photographer but his ego and you guys willingness to stroke it is what's annoying. You want high quality content, email me and I'll sort out a post with some killer stuff for you.

Today there's all this self-branding, logos, get-em and go, cult of personality nonsense that too many photographers embrace. The VonWong shirts look ridiculous. Otherwise, good photo.