Behind The Scenes At Sigma: An Unexpectedly Captivating Tour Of Their Aizu, Japan Factory

This has got to be one of the most beautifully filmed behind the scenes videos I have ever seen. Sigma recently released this tour of their factory, set to an incredible ambient soundtrack by Voytak and cut with scenes of the Japanese countryside. The juxtaposition of the clinical interior scenes with the natural outside world were very effective and to be honest, I found the whole video somewhat powerful. Then again, I'm the type of person who listens to Brian Eno and gets caught daydreaming on a regular basis. Still, this is brilliant.

"The history of our Aizu factory, our sole production base, is also the history of Sigma itself. From the moment we first conceived the idea of setting up a factory in Aizu, we have aimed to grow and develop as a member of the local community. We believe that when a company sets up a business base, it has an economic and cultural responsibility to the local community from that time onward. The global market may be the principal focus of our business, but our attention to responsibility begins at home.

Sigma's ability to coordinate things smoothly on the spot is largely thanks to our unique, vertically integrated production system. Apart from a handful of processes, everything is done in house. This includes grinding lenses, molding plastic parts, painting, mounting substrates, assembly, manufacturing screws and other parts, and machining molds. All our interchangeable lenses, cameras and strobes are also produced at our Aizu factory with this integrated system. With production lines that can be flexibly realigned according to a meticulous production plan and easily accommodate high-mix small-lot production, the manufacturing that takes place at Aizu is Sigma's greatest asset."


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That was really great. Makes me want to buy Sigma lenses!

Two things....One, the music makes me feel like i'm watching an episode of Lost.  And two, i wonder if it was shot on Sigma glass......

I <3 Sigma

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That was so incredibly boring.

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I know, they really should have had Michael Bay direct it.

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They wanted J.J. Abrams, but objected to all the lens flare.

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Very cool and unexpected video for sure. It does make me want to consider Sigma lenses more.

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I liked it.  I didn't expect that so much of the process would be done by hand.

how they can keep whole factory dust free and spotless, but when I start using my lenses I have to wipe them all the time? :(

makes me wanna wear one of those white suits for shoots and lens changes

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Man, Sigma is on an absolute roll. Between the 35mm f/1.4 and this video, my perception of the company has changed from "ew, Sigma!" to "oooh, Sigma!" I can only hope all their future lens releases live up to the optical and mechanical quality of the 35mm f/1.4. If they do, it will be a huge boon for all photographers. I wish Sigma all the best!

Very cool... I love my 12-24 F4.5-5.6. 

liked very cool!! what's their best lens?

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Just beautiful...

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I am an owner of the Nikon 35mm 1.4 Artist lens and I can say, without question, this is the finest piece of glass I've ever owned and shot with.  Unbeleivably sharp, very very well built.  The performance and feel for this lens backs up everthing this video portrays.

I second Noah 100000% on his comment (Sigma yuk before, now wow!).  Should Sigma somehow have the ability to produce a full line of Aristist lenses that match the quality of the 35mm 1.4, Nikon & Canon are going to have to drop their prices and take a second seat and become the low cost alternative.  I too wish Sigma the best.

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A few years ago I had a Sigma 10-20 for my 50d and loved it. Great little lens

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3:58 NIKON!!!! lol

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They are testing a lens on Nikon mount genius...

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thanks captain dick obvious. you probably didn't know Sigma made cameras, I forgive you

Awesome vid! most of my glass is Sigma since Im not making bank yet to buy the L lenses from Canon...However, the high notes on the piano were sooooo incredibly annoying! Most of the video I was trying to find some rhythm to them but found none... had to mute the video...

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Not quite so artistically done, but interesting how it's all still done by hand - Lee Filters factory UK -