Behind The Scenes With Sven Martin, Shooting Pro Biking Events

You can plan, get ideas, and come in to the shoot ready, but often everything changes on the day of the actual event. Being able to adapt and think quickly are the keys to shooting a fast moving sporting event. In this behind the scenes video, several photographers who worked the Crankworx MTB event share their thoughts about shooting successfully. Sven Martin starts things off with his backstory on how he came to do this kind of work.

Considered by many in his field to be one of the best mountain biking photographers in the world, Sven Martin carries a big kit and understands the subject matter that he shoots, as seen in a sampling of his images below.








If you dig the video and want to see a bunch more (careful, your productivity will disappear for the day!) check out F-stop Gear's Vimeo page.

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Savi You's picture

Darn, I thought it said Pro Bikini.

Jason Vinson's picture

great pics!! video was eh...

Sven is in my mind by far the best photographer covering the World cup of mountain biking and among the top shooters in the industry.

chris pilling's picture

hehehe im in the last photo. left of the chainsaw. had a media pass to shoot, took my shirt off and got drunk instead. sven is the man.

you are the epitome of a true tifosi :-)

Great short film! It would be interesting to see the differences photographing at various venues like motorcycle racing versus the Winter Olympics.

Jayson Carey's picture

I cringed a bit when I saw him cruising with that lens hanging from a strap. Great video, and very inspiring.

Nice vid but didn't really learn anything.
Would have been nice to see what his processes for shooting, downloading, uploading etc etc are like.

Funny thing: