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Behind The Scenes Video Of Making Water Demons With Black Lights And A Swimming Pool

Apparently already preparing for Halloween, Ben Von Wong put together a photoshoot that created surreal looking demons. This video goes in depth with how he suspended his Nikon D4 over water, did makeup on the models, and illuminated them with black lights. The results are very striking, check the full post for some of his images, and some behind the scenes stills.

Wanting to incorporate black lights and body paint, Ben worked with Makeup Artist Jacynthe Tremblay and eventually came up with the concept of shooting models underwater. Ben then set out to come up with a solution for rigging his Nikon D4 over water. He ended up going with the Kessler Crane Pocket Jib and then after much searching he was able to find an indoor swimming pool work at. Having to work in an extremely dark environment so that the black lights would actually illuminate made for production challenges, and certainly pushed the limits of shooting in low-light. You can read the in depth article over and Ben's blog.

Photo credit: Ben Von Wong

BTS Photo Credit: Guillaume Briand

BTS Photo Credit: Monique Guilbault

So what do you guys think of the techniques and gear used for this result? Will these images haunt your dreams or inspire you to do some D4 dangling of your own?

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Von Wong's picture

small change in credits, the makeup artist was actually Jacynthe Tremblay not Jessica. She couldn't make the shoot :) Thanks!

Mike Wilkinson's picture

Thanks for letting me know. Edit made!

pretty awesome

where were the blacklights placed?

Von Wong's picture

directly suspended over the water, check out the blog post there are a bunch of BTS photos and videos :) 

Martin Melnick's picture

Check out a music video my production company shot last year on RED for the band Adventure Galley using all Black Light Kino Flows.

Von Wong's picture

pretty cool video! Wish I had Kino level wattage... I think our blacklights were a lot more on the consumer level rather than the commercial one... *jealous* ! 

Martin Melnick's picture

Eh, I mean, we were still way underlit since we had such a big space to fill. We had consumer lights also. You got some great shots with them - doesn't look like you needed Kinos at all.

David Walters's picture

Vonwong.....I love your enthusiasm and forward thinking work! Question....I'm sure you simply set the focus point pre-sending out the camera on the jib BUT if you were doing video or needed to make a quick focus adjustment while it was (say 12 feet away wether over water, up in the air, or simply in a spot very hard to get to) have you found a way to pull focus from a distance? Is there some sort of 12'-15' whip that you can use attached to a follow focus unit? Just wondering if you, or anyone else for that matter, knows a way to do this with dslr set ups. I'm really thinking of using the d800 on a 15 foot boom set up we made and being able to pull focus while swinging the boom....thats the ultimate goal. Thanks bud and keep up the awesome work!

kurnikoff's picture

use wireless focus pulls. Look it up on B&H :) its a device that you can remotely control like e.g. little toy car

Von Wong's picture

Hey mate, since we didn't actually manage to find ourselves a wireless follow focus I used those Pixel Pawn triggers to focus the camera. They kinda act as a shutter release - press half way and it focuses ... even in video mode! :) 

Not the best solution... but it did the job for this time! Definitely need a wireless follow focus solution ~  

Brilliant!  I've never seen anything like it and your name will stick with me for years to come. Keep it up. :)

Von Wong's picture

Thanks michelle! I have a whole bunch of videos and shoot breakdowns on my site you are more than welcome to go and enjoy :) 

Michael Miller's picture

Man that first and last image of the series is KILLING it. you do know you did a great job right?

Von Wong's picture

hm quite honestly I wish I had done better. The shoot was a lot more challenging than I had initially expected... ! 

Daniel Yu Suzuki's picture

Masterful photography once again Mr. Wong.
Couldn't you use a black light gels on strobes instead, to get lower ISO?

Von Wong's picture

Not quite sure I've never quite tried :O Got a good reference? Do they even exist? 

I did want to shoot video though... :) 

Michael Errey's picture

Great Effect.. v interesting BTS etc... great post

Absolutely fantastic! This calls out to yet another inspirational boost! Really great! 

/ <a href="" rel="nofollow">Carlos Zaya Photography</a>

Qotros's picture

Nice!  You're finally Von Wong, no longer "soon to be"!  I remember you from Flickr!

Really good stuff.