BTS: Lung Cancer Foundation of America's PSA - 'The Haze'

The people over at MAKE Visual strive to create unique and compelling content for their clients and for the Lung Cancer Foundation of America's newest PSA entitled, 'The Haze', they wanted a look and feel that worked well with the message that their client was trying to get across. They shot on a RED Epic and used 3DS Max and Fume FX for their post processing to achieve the thin smoke effect.

When asked if they had any advice on using Fume FX to create the smoke effect they responded on their Vimeo account:
"The "trick" to getting the thin smoke look is to use Krakatoa as the render engine while using FumeFX for the simulation of the motion."

Lung Cancer Foundation of America - The Haze from makevisual on Vimeo.

Via: MAKE Visual

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Tam Nguyen's picture

That almost makes me wanna quit smoking. Almost.

Rebecca Britt's picture

Me too... almost.


That made me want to start smoking even less.