[BTS] Rock Photographer: Guitar Hero for Photographers

[BTS] Rock Photographer:  Guitar Hero for Photographers

Joey L always seems to have some project up his sleeve that's pushing the boudries of photographic applications. His latest endeavor has him teaming up with Jesse Korman and Thomas Leavy aka All-Nighters, as they turn out Rock Photographer. This iPhone app is a unique game, obviously directed at shooters and has been dubbed, a Guitar Hero for photographers. Check out the behind the scenes video to see this amazing project come to life and all the fresh talent involved.

If this is something you just gotta try, then head on over to Rock Photographer in the App Store with 100 and 99 spare pennies.

The Making of Rock Photographer

Behind the scene shots by Rick Wenner.

Rock Photographer Promo Video

another great grab via [1200ISO]

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Adam T's picture

oh i remember pokemon snap game. 

The problem with this is that the video's are canned, this is like Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair game, once you've mastered the pattern/sequences of moves it becomes easy. Using CGI characters would have been better I think, that way the performance could be somewhat more organic with the band members not doing the same move every time for each song.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

foxy looking good