[BTS Video] Nike 'Be Free' Photo and Video Shoot

I just came across a couple of behind the scenes videos from Nike's 2011 'Be Free' campaign. I love the movement and simplicity of color in these images. They were inspired by the idea of being suspended in time, floating in an elevated reality. I'm sure this is what I would instantly feel like if I donned all of this Nike gear. French art photographer Denis Darzacq shot the stills. The mini-film was directed by British photographer/film-maker Barnaby Roper, see the BTS and final version below.


From Amy:

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David Coombe's picture

Kind of reminds me of that Japanese photographer who does those self-portraits in which she looks to be floating. Just googled her: Natsumi Hayashi

Chris Lyn's picture

I feel the same way. And the Japanese girl's tell more of a story, these seem random.

I knew I had saw this before. Just found out it was done by the same guy on 2006.


First thing I thought too, this is sooo "last week". A bit surprised that Nike used the levitation thing for their catalogue, by 2011 it was well overused. And shot by the same guy 5 years after he "introduces it" to the world!? Very original...

Nike should fire whoever was surfing flickr and "came up" with this cutting edge concept!  Really Nike, nothing more original with all your advertising budget?

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I would presume they were inspired by http://yowayowacamera.com/
as she only takes these kinds of images and is fairly famous for it.

While the lack of innovation is not something that bothers me as much, what REALLY gets to me is all that completely phoney "justification" and "explanation" the photographer provides, all existential and mystical and esoteric...geez, enough...!

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

This is how you sell "art" ;)

Ken Yee's picture

lol...ditto Marios Forsos..."it's a paradox"...(aka, why did this photographer sound like he was doing something new when it's been done so much already ;-)