[BTS Video] Real Or Fake? A Look At Arrinera Automotive's New Supercar

When I first saw this video featuring the new sportscar by Polish builders Arrinera Automotive, I thought it was completely CGI. Today they just blew my mind by releasing a behind the scenes video on how they filmed the commercial for the yet unnammed Lamborghini inspired super car. Shot entirely on Canon 5D Mark II cameras and rendered in post, this behind the scenes video shows you just how far the DSLR film making world has come over the last few years. I wish I knew more about these cars so if you are a car fan give us some insight in the comments.

Behind The Scenes Video:

Final Arrinera Automotive Commercial:

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wow amazing!...*speechless*

Arrinera’s design assumptions aim at fulfilling all the following conditions, which distinguish a supercar from sport cars:

excellent traction throughout the speed range,brake deceleration of 1,1-1,3 g (10,79-12,75 m/s²),power/weight ratio of 1,1-2,9 kg/1HP, acceleration 0 - 200 km/h below 10 seconds, acceleration 0 - 300 km/h below 30 seconds, acceleration to 100 km/h below 4 seconds, braking from 300 to 0 km/h below 7 seconds, the 0-300-0 km/h test below 40 seconds, cornering g-force over 1, 1/4 mile time below 12 seconds, centrally positioned engine,

You can find more on their website: www.arrinera.pl/en

Shoudn't they do it all in CGI? Probably same result for less money?

Dear Santa, this one

I just saw the same CGI that used to be done back in 2004-5..  nothing impressive there.

Ok they got the real car in the shot... but the final product looks... well cheap for a supercar...

Dear Poland, 

Italy wants its Lamborghini back.

P.S Please come up with original looking cars instead of ripping off styling from decades of design evolution. 

As for the video, crazy amounts of work and dedication to produce the end result.  Hats off to them.

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it's a modified aventador...

all the unnatural camera movements gave me a headache. and this car is UGLY.

The mixture of real backgrounds and CG vehicles intensifies the impression of reality. The used HDR Dome even more supports this effect.

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Eh. Top Gear FTW.