BTSV of Hockey Portrait Photography

Check out German photographer Jan Hinkel as he hits the ice to produce, "Freeze", a pretty cool series of ice hockey portraits. Jan does really great work so be sure to check him out and if you read German you can learn a thing or two from his blog.
Model: Hülser Pinguine
Fotograf: Jan Hinkel
Post: Jan Hinkel
Praktikant: Tobias Haarhoff
Videodreh: Thomas Malik
Videoschnitt: Jan Hinkel

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Great stuff - I'd love to know more about the post-processing involved here.

Also - the NHL guards it's logos very strictly. I wonder what the implications of publishing these are in a non-editorial context? 

Ed Pereira's picture

Fantastic shots! Maybe a longer zoom lens would have stopped him from flinching every time the skaters came so near!

i think he was going for more perspective, distorted kind of look, thus the wide angle i think

I like everything but the HDR tone mapping.

As a Detroiter living in Mongolia its nice to see home represented... but i agree... Not so into the WAY over processed result.

As a Detroiter....Go Wings............great photos

I think the processing suits the subject matter - would have been nice to see how it was done.

Also - wide-angle shot of the light setup.